CULVERT:  Design of concrete culverts

This program performs the design of a range of reinforced concrete culverts.  Click here to download the full version, updates only or a demo version.

Main Features:
  • A number of bridge design codes including AS1597.2 (2013) and AUSTROADS (1992) together with options to cater for user-specific variations.  If the AUSTROADS (1992) option is selected as the design code then hydrostatic horizontal earth presures are used.
  • Culvert types include crown units, closed box sections, inverted "U" shapes and boxes with pinned top and bottom slabs. Fill profiles include embankment or trench types.
  • Live load wheel distribution includes overlapping cones or the more accurate Boussinesque bulbs.
  • The culvert can be analysed in a single unit configuration or as an external or internal unit in multi-unit runs.  If a single unit is selected earth pressure is applied to both sides.  For an external unit earth pressure is applied to one side only and for an internal unit earth pressure is ignored.
  • Sway can either be allowed or suppressed.  A lateral support will be inserted into the structural model in the plane of the top slab if there is no sway.
  • The number of nodes along the legs, base and top slab at which an analysis is performed can be defined by the user. The sections at which a detailed design and/or critical shear check is required can also be specified.
  • A shear check at user-defined critical sections can be performed for both the ultimate and serviceability states to a range of codes, as well as a full crack control check.
  • Construction layers can be defined and vehicle-specific DLA values specified.
  • A fatigue check to AS1597 (2013) can be performed and railway vehicles are supported.
  • A set of comprehensive loading combinations for railway, vehicle, ultimate and serviceability modes are provided but additional combinations can be added.
  • The number of bars, bar diameter and bar spacing can be either calculated by the program or user-specified at each design section (for both faces of the culvert unit).

Click here to view, print or download a flyer describing more features or here to download a demo/evaluation version.

Screen Shots

Main Screen - Full data listing



Model Data



Section Data



Reinforcement Data



General Loading Data



Vehicle Editor



Test Loads



Ultimate Moment Envelope - Select Load Combinations



Results - Select the type of results to be displayed



Results - Ultimate Moment Diagram



Results - Design check for moment capacity


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