Download CULVERT

This page allows you to download a number of CULVERT installation files:

(1)  A demo/evaluation copy
(2)  An update, (or revision), to the main program only
(3)  A fully licenced distribution version

The demo version is a fully functioning evaluation copy in which most features have been enabled and can be tested .  However, the program is limited geometrically to a culvert crown unit 3 metres wide, 3 metres deep and under 1.2 metres of fill.  These, and all other geometry dimensions cannot be changed.

Click here to download a quick tutorial in PDF format, or here for a flyer describing the main features (PDF format).

Download Instructions

Download the required version from the three options shown below (you may need to right-click on the link and select "Save target as.." from the pop-up menu).  Option 2 is a single-file executable update that should be saved to your existing "...\CULVERT" folder.  The existing Culvert.exe should first be renamed (to, say,Culvert-old.exe), just in case the download fails or becomes corrupted.

The download for Options 1 and 3 should first be saved to a temporary folder on your PC or server then the installation started by double clicking on the downloaded file.  The default location for the program can be changed by clicking the "Browse" button on the dialog box.  Note also that the installation process is not a rigorous one - it is based on extracting the program from a ZIP file and saving it to the nominated folder (click the Unzip button to extract and install the software).

Once all files have been successfully extracted to the target folder, double click the main executable file, Culvert.exe to run the program (or create a short-cut to it on your desktop).

1.  Download the demo version:   To download the full demo version click here.

2.  Download the latest revision:  To download the latest software updates click here.

3.  Download the full version:      To download the full licenced version of the program click here.

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