ILB - Incrementally Launched Beam Module

The following static screen images will give you a good idea of the key features found in this program, particularly with regard to modelling the structure and applied loadings. If you would prefer not to scroll through the demo images click here to download the evaluation version now.

Modelling Features

ACES allows models of straight or curved incrementally launched girder structures to be easily created. Modelling features include:

  • Straight or curved (in plan) structures are modelled using line elements
  • A range of support types - temporary, casting bed and intermediate supports
  • Variable spans, variable segment lengths, variable segment properties and tapered nose section
  • Support settlements and spring supports can be modelled
  • Incorporates a comprehensive range of loadings including construction live load, thermal and prestress primary moments and concentrated point loads applied at any stage during the launch

Reporting Features

  • Graphical views of bending moment and shear diagrams at any launch position
  • Graphical views of final maximum & minimum bending moment and shear envelopes
  • Tabular reports of final envelopes of maximum & minimum bending moments, shears & torsion at each section with corresponding values of all other vectors as well as the launch increment at which the maxima occurs.
  • Maximum and minimum reactions at all piers & abutments, including all casting bed and intermediate supports, can be viewed and printed.
  • Final results can be saved in text form to disk
  • Results from every launch increment can be optionally saved to individual disk files

 A screen image of the main ILB menu



Screen shot of a typical data entry dialog box (casting bed details).


Loadings menu


Final graphical summary of moment and shear diagrams


Final tabular summary of moments

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