CRACKSEC Cracked Section Analysis

Program CRACKSEC allows a cracked section analysis to be performed for a section of arbitrary shape (including voided sections) subject to a range of axial loads and bi-axial bending moments.  A few screen shots from the program are displayed below.

Please contact AAS for prices or, if you have already purchased a licence, for a licence key.  (Note that the program is only available as a stand-alone application - a network or web based version is not yet available.)

Right-click here to download the CRACKSEC installation file to a suitable folder on your PC or left-click to perform the installation now.  Right-click here to download and save the installation instructions.  Contact AAS for an activation key if you have a licence.

If you do not yet have a licence the software is available for a 30 day trial period, after which access to the program will be terminated.

Samples of CRACKSEC forms and dialog boxes

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